A truly good man will accept you

Girl, keep your head up, a truly good man will accept u and will listen to u when u tell him how it happened.

I met a man recently I’m falling hard for, he’s wonderful. I started out when we first met as friends and we talked alot, I told him about what I went through, what my ex did, how he cheated on me and how much he hurt me, I didn’t tell him about the hsv2, at that time, I wanted us to develop our friendship first. I wanted him to c me for who I am before he knew.


Once I knew he had feelings for me, I told him that we needed to talk before it went any further, but see he already knew what I’d been through, so he knew I wasn’t sleeping around. I told him that I really care deeply for him and that it is the hardest thing I have to tell him, told him I had it and that I’ve done a lot of research before I considered dating, that I keep it well controlled, eat the right foods, assured him I take good care of myself and that I know how to lessen the risk for him, I also let him know that I don’t want him getting it. He took it far better then I ever expected.

He did accept me and hasn’t let it come between us. But he is a sweetheart, very respectable, kind hearted man. Now our relationship is starting to grow and that is put behind us, so we can just enjoy time together.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 2:14 am
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