Arm myself with knowledge

Early on in my diagnosis with H, I decided to arm myself with knowledge. Because knowledge is power. It allowed me to navigate the virus personally, as well as navigate relationships.


One thing I recommend (especially with the plethora of mis-information floating around) is to research trusted sources.(Dr. Hunter Handsfield is the leading expert on HSV with the CDC. He is wonderful) Meditate over what you learn.


Meditate over yourself and your story. Meditate over what you consider a healthy relationship…you may need to even reconsider what is a healthy relationship (many of us need to relearn intimacy outside of sex).

Self reflection can create growth and emotional strength when we have none. Often H will have power over unhealthy intimacy… I believe stigma finds its power in ignorance and rejection finds power in unhealthy definitions of love. Understanding these point have greatly helped me to escape the black hole void of despair that H can bring… I believe in hope because I have it!

For each of us, H operates differently. It comes with different challenges.
Where does H gets it’s power over you? What are some things you have found to help emotionally heal in these areas.

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