Children after herpes……

I found out that I was herpes positive over four years ago. It felt like the end of my life. I was only mid thirties and I couldn’t imagine bring alone for the rest of my life. Who could possibly want to be with me. The horror of trying to explain my condition to someone else and than being rejected terrified me even more. With the thought that I had no place in a relationship also made me ponder that I also would not have children. I was absolutely devastated. I kept myself from social events and didn’t want to chat or flirt because if I did get asked out I would have to excuse my way out of it. I became depressed and very lonely.
A close friend noticed that I was not acting like myself and I decided to confide what I was going through. To my extreme surprise they admitted they too were also living with herpes. I was shocked because I knew my friend had been in a relationship and also was currently dating.
My friend told me about Positive Singles and how it had changed there life. Being able to date people who are also herpes positive and that completely understand, finding friends and support groups. Just the information about herpes and understanding it and knowing how many people carry it and don’t even know. I felt like a weight was lifted, I was not alone.
Since then I have met several wonderful people and have made many new friends. I am still looking for my special someone and know that he is out there and that there is life after herpes and love, marriage then children.

Advice to other members:

There is so many wonderful people who are also herpes and std positive still living, loving and enjoying life. It is definitely not the end of the world or your dating world.

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