gifter was honest and disclosed prior to any activity

Going through a divorce. Contracted hsv from the first (and only) guy I was with after 18 years with my husband. This happened a few months after I found out my husband was having an affair.

Hsv triggered severe vulvodynia….which is WAY worse than herpes, believe me. (This is not just a skin condition….it’s a nerve condition as well.)

The divorce is getting nasty, so I created a secret group of my most trusted gal friends in an effort to keep everyone informed and ask for support, prayer, positive energy whenever I’m feeling stressed or heading into court or mediation.
The response has been so positive. I have 52 women of all ages in my group. They send me love and advice whenever I post. I’ve had so many of these friends thank me for starting the group, and I get to vent without it going public .

So…..the other day I outted myself in this secret group regarding hsv and told the group this part of my twisted story. I have gotten so many positive responses. My Mom and Dad and bro know. My boss and a few co-workers know.

My ex knows….and fuck him if he tries to hold this against me because I am getting out in front of this by following my policy of living openly. Guess I’m going to be the type to wave the herpes flag and challenge people’s preconceptions. Hard to intimidate someone who isn’t trying to hide, right?

And I always feel the need to point out that said gifter was honest and disclosed prior to any activity, so no hate there, even after all of this pain

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