Give your guy some time and see what happens

A few years ago I meet someone through a ┬ádating site and we had the best first date I’ve ever had. A few days later I told him of my situation and while he took it OK you can tell he was definitely surprised.


When I left him a few hours later he basically told me he needed some time to think and do some research. That was before I found this site or I would have led him here. We continued to talk on the phone and text after that but I could tell things had changed. His calls/texts got fewer and longer in between yet he still said he was interested and needed time. About then a few weeks went by with me not hearing anything from him and I pretty much gave up and put my profile back up. Within days Someone else contacted me who knew my condition right from the start. I put my condition right in my profile so I never had to worry about having the “talk”. New guy and I hit it off right away and we decided to get married. The previous guy did get a hold of me but by then I was with new guy so he didn’t call back after that.

New guy and I were together for 18 months when he basically left me for someone else. I put my profile back up and within 2 hours the first guy got back a hold of me. Since at that point I had moved to another state we talked on the phone for about 6 weeks reconnecting. I have been back now since new years of this year and we are still together. He came to grips with my condition (GHSV2) and we’ve never looked back. I’m on antivirals and we don’t use condoms either. He knows the risks and is Ok with them. I really feel like we have a good chance of a future, I’m 49 and he’s 48 BTW.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that from what I can tell it’s only been a few days since you told him. Guys process things different differently then women do so don’t give up hope yet. Send him the links to this site and hopefully he will take the time to enlighten himself. My guy came to his senses to late and regretted it but by a stroke of luck he got a second chance :). Give your guy some time and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out though I promise you’ll be OK.

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