I was diagnosed just over a year ago.

Hi everyone! I just discovered y’all and couldn’t feel more relieved. I was diagnosed just over a year ago. My bf at the time infected me unknowingly. I was so uneducated about HSV before I was infected. I had no idea that lots of doctors don’t test for it when you go in for a routine STI screening. I also didn’t know you could have it and never have any symptoms (naive, much?) Anyway, I’m 33 and recently single and faced with the reality of having to get back into the dating world.

The thought of having to disclose is stressing me out. But, I know who I am and what I have to offer and am just trying to remember that. I’ve been debating a lot lately about telling my family I’m positive (man, even just typing that makes it seem worse than it is). I’m very close with my sisters and parents so I hate hiding it from them. I know that it’s going to be hard for them to hear. I think it’s the first step in becoming more comfortable with having an STI. I would eventually like to be comfortable enough to be open about it and help raise awareness and get rid of the stigma. Sorry for the novel. I’ve never had anyone (other than my ex) to talk to about it. Lol. Any advice on disclosing to new mates and my family would be greatly appreciated!

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