It was a blessing for me

It was a blessing for me. I met the best woman I’ve ever dated on an std dating site and fell in love hard for her. We aren’t together anymore but she showed me what a healthy partnership could really look like and I’ll always be so grateful for our time together.

Herpes has forced me to take a deeper, more meaningful look at the role sex plays in my life. I learned that I was using sex to feel validated….to temporarily “fix” rather than to learn how to truly love myself. As a result I’ve done a lot of work to come to a place where I still enjoy sex, but It’s something to be shared and enjoyed rather than an addiction I have to feed in order to feel okay about myself.

It helped me to search for a more stress-free lifestyle and that in and of itself has been a true blessing.

OBs suck. Really liking someone and then feeling let down if they don’t want to have a sexual relationship with me sucks.

Like most things in life it’s complex and my attitude can vary from day to day but overall I tend to have a great appreciation for my life just as it is. Right now, typing this to you. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Nothing….because I wouldn’t want anything about this very moment to be one bit different.

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