Life isn’t over

I’m only 19 and I recently found out I had hsv 2 about 2 months ago. I got it from my ex who apparently has been cheating to me and lying about her sexual history and much more.
I have never had a problem getting girls but I was always scared to get out there because my older sister had herpes so I was a bit paranoid. Now I woke up with strange bumps one morning and was scared but I thought it was just bad razor bumps since I shaved. I showed my ex and asked if she slept with anybody else and she said no and of course I believed her this was someone who was raped when she was younger and we were each other’s first (well my first but it turns out she lied about me being her first and getting raped).


I went to the doctor he looked at it and said it was just a bacterial infection and asked if i still wanted a blood test, i felt relieved and took it just in case. I called them for my results the morning and found out I had Hsv 1 (I was ok with that) and hsv 2, and that was when my heart dropped. I told my mom and cried in her arms that morning. I knew I had to tell my brothers since we washed our clothes together, but I couldn’t. My mom told them for me and of course they were mad and felt sad for me but they still loved and accepted me and I felt relieved. Everyone still treats me the same but now I’m still getting use to making adjustments in my life. I had 3 outbreaks the so far and none in about a month. I’ve been taking acyclovir when I have outbreaks and also recently a herbal medicine which makes me take a crap a lot but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Up to now she still has not confessed to me and I haven’t heard from her since. I am sad that the person whos been apart of my life for 3 years would do this to me but at the same time glad she’s out of my life. I’m glad I found this site and I realized that there are many others like me. I realized life isn’t over and hopefully I can start a family with someone here or someone who’ll accept me.

Advice to other readers:

This whole time i thought i was just paranoid. I planned on breaking up with her but it just wasn’t the right time. HOWEVER I should’ve so trust your intuition, if you feel like you should break up with someone or that something is off about the person…don’t hesitate and just stick to your gut. And remember life isn’t over.

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