Live and love again

By anonymous, Macon, GA, United States
I remember when I found out that I had herpes. I immediately wanted to die. That was it. At 25, I was giving up on life. Why should I bother with life? Everyone who mattered to me was going to think I was some dirty whore or worse…I couldn’t face the realization that I had a lifelong std. I remember asking my Dr. If there was a cure…of course I knew there wasn’t but I was hoping and praying that one would materialize …but it didn’t. I was left to put my life back together. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to kill myself and I planned it too…but something clicked inside me…nothing was wrong with me! I was the same person that I was before. ..slowly but surely, I started liking myself again…I started back hanging with my friends, doing things with family…and I fell in love with myself. And then with the help of herpes dating site…I fell in love with a guy. Even though things didn’t work out between us, it gave me hope. And it affirmed the fact that there is life after a shocking diagnosis. ..pick yourself up and keep moving. Keep smiling. And live so that you may love. yourself and others.


Advice to readers:

Remember you’re not alone and you’re not damaged goods. Someone will love you just as you are…

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