Making your way after he left you.

I’ve been living with herpes for 6 months now. I still suffer from terrible aniexty. I believe my partner of 2 years knew he had the STD all along and didn’t tell me. Once i found out, i brought it to his attention. Even though we both had the STD, we drifted apart and he left. Here i am, left to deal with this on my own. Sleepless nights because my aniexty was so bad, having to be on medications and see a therapist. Constantly checking my body for sores and being paranoid…on my own. It was so hard to move on. But i took a step back from the situation and took a look at myself. Here I was, not in school, not happy with my job, not happy with the company i kept, needed to repair the relationships between my mother and I and not happy with my looks. So i took some time to focus on me and better myself. Here I am, back in school, back to the gym and i have gotten out and met some amazing people! My face has cleared immensely! I’m bright eyed and the relationship i have with my mother is better then ever. I still am in between 2 jobs, but im in school working on my nursing career. I am still young however, 20 yrs old and i admit i have lost faith in finding a significant other but i have not lost faith in the amazing person i progress to be everyday because of this STD. I still see him around occasionally. And everytime i see him, i say to myself: I dont know rather to hate you or thank you. The hate only made it harder for me to move on. Today, i thank him. I am more focused, motivated, determined and more loving then ive ever been! I also thank god. Ive put alot of faith into god during this tough time in my life and he has yet to disappoint me. I have lightened my religion and faith, im overwhelmed with his love and believe through him, all my dreams will come true.


Advice to readers:

You have to think. Are you happy with where you are at in life, with yourself? Job, education, friendships, relationships with your family, your weight? If not, you dont need to be looking for love right now. You need to focus on you and not on dating with herpes. Believe that your love life will fall into place when you get yourself together.. and it will. Once you are set, you are ready to put your full force and focus into finding “the one.”

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