overcame your denial about having herpes

I’m impressed and inspired by everyone in here. It took me many, many years to shed the fear of disclosing. At first it was only with close friends and select family. Then I started dating and it was to potential sex partners. Nowadays it is just so matter of fact and normal to me – I have told cashiers, landscapers, co-workers…. I feel so blessed to have no more fear around Herpes.

Most of the time people don’t give a shit. Often they look AMAZED and relieved and then blurt out that they have it too before thanking you for “making it okay” for them to talk about too.

Once in a while somebody is freaked out and/or disgusted. The miracle is I don’t take it personally at all. I know it’s their own lack of knowledge and their own fear being projected onto me and I don’t even hold it against them. Many people later apologize for their initial reaction and its such a gift to be able to tell them I understand and it’s all good.

I know how you’re feeling if you just found out/overcame your denial about having herpes but HONEST TO GOD it really isn’t a big deal and you will eventually relax into a rich, full life. Promise.

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