Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.
I wanted to share something positive. I know a lot of us feel like their dating lives are over once they get hsv. I am living proof that it is not. I prayed on it, and I have found an amazing guy who was willing to accept it.

I’ve been dating the guy for about 3 months, and felt it was important to keep it platonic; one, so we could really get to know each other and 2: I wasn’t ready to have “the conversation”. I was scared sh*tless, and so I kept avoiding the opportunity to have that talk. However as time went on, he started sharing his feelings for me, and while I was feeling the same for him, I had my guard up to protect myself in the event he didn’t want to stay, after I eventually told him I had hsv (yesterday). I finally worked up the nerve to tell him after 3 months, and he was so supportive. He took my hand, and held me while I told him. I focused on the positive, and not so much on my condition itself, and he was undeterred. I told him that if he wanted to go off and think about it, then I was prepared for that. But he didn’t need the time. He had already decided when he was getting to know me, that I was a good person, and someone he enjoyed spending time with. Because of me, not my hsv. Guys, let’s not let this define us. I spent almost 2 years avoiding men because I was too afraid of rejection. I’m not saying there won’t be people that will reject you, but I think hsv makes us a bit smarter when it comes to partner selection. We have to pay attention to people’s character. Instinctively you’ll have an idea about who you can take a chance sharing this with. I’m just glad I took the risk. It was certainly worth it, and it lifted a weight off my shoulders. I can finally open up to him about anything now, because that was the hardest thing for me to share.

I hope that this can help inspire you guys to not give up on dating. It was hard as heck for me to get to this point, but I got there. You can too.

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