The guy broke up with me after my test came back

So the guy I was seeing broke up with me after he found out that my test came back positive for HSV2. He said that intellectually he knows that it’s the same as cold sores HSVI on the mouth, but that getting over the stigma that is associated with HSV2 is just too much, another thing that we had to work on in our short but I suppose tumultuous relationship despite the fact that we felt very connected together. He also said that he wouldn’t be able to have the kind of sex he would want with me, and that he wasn’t interested in using dental dams and he wanted that fluid bonding. And if we were to have sex, he wouldn’t feel sexually attracted.

Of course, I’m pretty bummed. Like super bummed and sad. I struggle with staying away from the abyss of depression, but it’s been difficult. I know that I’m supposed to be glad that HSV2 weeded this guy out, that if he can’t accept this about me, then he doesn’t deserve me, that I dodged a bullet, etc, etc etc. I know I’m probably entering fantasy land, but do guys who freak out over this ever get over it? I wouldn’t exactly say he freaked out, but he said he was really really uncomfortable and worries he might have gotten it from the two times he gave me oral. Of course, I told him about the transmission rates, and that made him feel better. But is there anything that can make me feel better? Has anyone had an experience where their partner or potential partner initially freaked out but came to terms with it?

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