Your life is NOT over

Since I got H my life is the best it has been.
I’m a guy in my mid 30’s and have had H for 5 years. At first I thought my life was screwed and went through the emotional roller coaster – couldn’t sleep, stressed out, thought I’d be single forever etc. I found these forums early and spent hours each day trawling through posts. After a while I discovered dating sites for people with STI’s and this was a big step for me. Went out on some dates and had some fun with no pressure. Then I came to the conclusion that most people on those sites thought they were damaged goods, which I also did at first. That’s not to say they were bad, they just seemed to think they could only ever contemplate dating other people with H. Then after I got used to having H and educating myself (this site was the best resource I had for that so read as much as you can on here. and other sites). I came around to thinking that there was more to me as a person than H and it was something I wish I didn’t have but it wasn’t going to keep me from dating people outside our clique So I went on a few regular dates and when I met a girl that I really liked I decided to tell her after our 2nd date (which a guy on here who helped me a lot told me was his policy). It was really tough to tell her but she said she would think about it and was really cool. A couple of days later we spoke and she told me she would like to try and get to know me and see where things went. I was shocked (and really happy). So naturally we took things slow and fast forward to today we are happily married with a child and H has had virtually no impact on my life and is a non-issue for us.
So do what is right for you. I am not making judgements. I just wanted to come on here and share my story because I know how important the success stories forum was for me in the early dark days when I thought FML! I never dreamed back then that one day I could post my own success story.

Don’t let this define you. Take your time to get comfortable with yourself and realise that H is not your life. It will make you a stronger person. When you are ready, be bold. You only live once. Make it count.

So good luck, and when you have reached the point where you can look back and see that you have overcome this obstacle, come and share your story here because I’m sure there are those here today that will need to see it, just like I did when I first came to this site 5 years ago.

Unfortunately there aint no such thang as a time machine.


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